Occupying traditional territories that span from Cortes Island to Toba Inlet, the Klahoose Nation has existed since time before memory. Our primary village site, Squirrel Cove, is home to approximately seventy-five full-time residents who live and work on Cortes Island and in the surrounding areas. The remaining three hundred and nine members reside off reserve in coastal communities in the lower mainland and in Washington State.

Our territories are rich in resources, both on land and in the waters that surround us. This abundance helped sustain our ancestors who carefully managed fish and wildlife to ensure future generations would have access to these vital resources. In the 1800's Indian Agents and government surveyors allocated our peoples to ten reserves, limiting our ability to survive and thrive as our communities had done since time immemorial.

As Canada opened its doors to early settlers and explores, First peoples across the country, including those at Klahoose, were marginalized. Restrictive legislation prohibiting cultural ceremonies like the Potlatch coupled with mandatory attendance at Residential Schools, alienated generations from one another. The legacy of this devastating period in our shared history continues to linger.

Today Klahoose is rediscovering the beauty of the traditions which have historically defined our peoples. Members who are eager to reconnect the threads of the past to the present, host culture nights and language programs in the Multipurpose Building. Ancient protocols are being practiced in anticipation of the launching of the community canoe which will make its way to Puget Sound in the summer of 2018 to participate in the Power Pull to Puyallup. 

Business is once again thriving at Klahoose. Leadership has worked to find the balance between protecting our resources with managing community economic development opportunities. We have established vital partnerships to help encourage community economic activities and are open to explore evolving possibilities. 



Merrick Architecture was chosen by the Klahoose community to design its new multi-purpose centre in Squirrel Cove. Its multi-use design incorporates everything from a health wing and fitness centre to a language lab, kitchen facilities, and a 300-person “Great Room”. This impressive 15,000 sq.ft. building was opened in 2010, and was entirely self-financed by the Klahoose Nation.

In total our Nation is comprised of 10 Reserves allocated in the early 1800's by Indian Agents and surveyors. Our territories span from Cortes Island to Toba Inlet in proximity to our neighbours of the Homalco and Tla'amin Nations.

The Klahoose Nation is pleased to have a full-time RN on staff to provide outstanding access to health services for the Village. Massage therapy is also available to Band members at a discounted rate and specialty services like hearing testing, mammogram clinics and eye exams can be arranged on site.

Fitness Room

Understanding the importance of good health and wellbeing to the community. the Klahoose Nation is pleased to provide fee-for-service access to the Fitness Room to all Island residents. Open during regular business hours, the Gym offers a safe, well-equipped co-ed facility. Please note that street shoes are not permitted in the workout space.