Culture and Heritage 

Canoe Culture at Klahoose

This year, the Klahoose Nation will host the 3rd annual Awaken the Canoes event in May 2020. The focus will be on safety drills and practices, along with cold water training. If you would like to more information, please contact Jodi.

Please click the photo to be redirected to the Canoe Culture at Klahoose page - here you will find the latest information on events and meetings, as well as registration forms.

Cemetery Beautification 

In the fall of 2017, Klahoose began beautification work on the cemeteries at Squirrel Cove and Toba Inlet. During the initial phase of the project, underground penetrating radar surveys were undertaken to identify all burial sites contained within the area. This work has now been completed and individual sites have been recorded. The next step is to instal new crosses for those plots which are unmarked. If you have a relation who is currently in an unmarked grave, please contact Jodi so that a plaque can be ordered for the new cross.

Clean-up days will be held this spring on May 5 in Toba Inlet and May 12th in Squirrel Cove. Please join us for this community project. 

Drum Making Workshop 

Registration is now open for the next Drum Making Workshop. Please contact Michelle for registration and dates. 

ʔi:mot tətᶿ kʷənome (it’s good to see you): The Journey Home

In the spring of 2018, Klahoose embarked on a twelve month global search to bring our Ancestors home. Through archival research and on-line technologies, museums, institutions and galleries around the world will be contacted. Repatriation efforts in those facilities where our Ancestors are being held, will be initiated. We greatly appreciate the support of the Museum Assistance Program - Aboriginal Heritage.