Frequently Asked Questions...

Where is the Klahoose Reserve?

Klahoose, the main Village for the Nation,  is located in Squirrel Cove on Cortes Island in central British Columbia. It is a forty-five minute ferry ride from Quadra Island which is located adjacent to Campbell River. Serviced by BC Ferries, connector service from Vancouver Island to Quadra Island and then Whaletown on Cortes Island, is available year round,, seven days a week.
Please note walk-on service is available on the ferry,  however there is no public transportation on either Quadra or Cortes. The Village is located approximately 15 minutes from 
the BC Ferry Terminal in Whaletown.

I'm not a Band member, can I still access the Fitness Room?
     We are pleased to provide fee-for-service to the Fitness Room. Drop-in $5.00 or purchase a month Membership for $20.00. Please note, street shoes cannot be
     worn in the facility. Users must sign a waiver. There is an in and out book located at the Reception Deck - please be sure to sign it!