A Message from Chief & Council

In 2016, the Klahoose band membership elected Chief Kevin Peacey, along with Councillors Billy Barnes, Helen Hanson and Michelle Robinson. The slate ushered in an era of new governance and transparency and quickly established language and culture, job creation, education and treaty as the strategic priorities for the term. Also included in the broad-stoke objectives for Council was the restructuring of QXMC, the enhancement of community economic initiatives in tourism and hospitality, and member engagement in the treaty process.


Understanding the significance of language to culture and to the overall health and well-being of the Nation, Council has committed its support to securing funding directed at language revitalization efforts.  This works in tandem with the hosting of the first annual Awaken the Canoes event focused on providing important safety and training to canoe pullers and support crews in anticipation of the Tribal Journeys Pull to Puyallup in the summer of 2018.


Council has also established the Department of Cultural Affairs and Heritage to develop a framework for the repatriation of material cultural and ancestral remains removed from the community since contact. Initial attention has been directed at beautification projects at both the Toba Inlet and Squirrel Cove cemeteries, work which will continue this spring when new crosses and plaques will be erected to identify currently unmarked graves.


Member engagement remains paramount to the success of the Nation. Council will direct the necessary resources to establish a community garden, support protocol preparations for Tribal Journeys and encourage participation in culture events.


Leadership is committed to ensuring that Members have access to the most current information. This new website is one of the tools that will be used to connect with the community.  As policies are up-dated and/or created, they will be available on the “members” page. You will also find postings for community and meeting notices, employment opportunities and program information.


Balancing economic opportunities including advancing power projects in Toba Inlet with cultural rejuvenation priorities like Tribal Journeys, while caring and cultivating our natural resources, is in the best interests of our Nation and our peoples. Council is determined to provide strong governance coupled with transparency and clear policies that will move our peoples forward and lay the best foundation for our children and our children’s children.


Chief Kevin Peacey         



Councillor Billy Barnes          Councillor Helen Hanson          Councillor Michelle Robinson