Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning provides a framework for decision-making objectives and guiding principles that reflect the community’s values and priorities. The Strategic Plans are a set of documents that can hold leadership accountable to Klahoose peoples priorities and needs, by providing clear, action-oriented guides to decision making with a long-term vision, based on community consultation. Strategic Plans are intended to be living documents that are reviewed and updated over time to reflect changes in community goals and objectives. 



“As the original caretakers of the land, we are promoting our traditions, building a solid economy, and healthy community while respecting our land.”

                                                         - Klahoose CCP Phase 2 Summary 










The Klahoose First Nation CCP process was initiated in 2015 led by a local Planning Team in consultation with members, and Chief and Council. Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) is a holistic planning exercise that encompasses all aspects of a community, including, land, economic development, governance, education, infrastructure, culture, and social development. Comprehensive Community Planning is a multi-phase process designed around extensive community engagement and feedback to develop a roadmap for the future of a community that represents the needs, goals, and vision of its members. A CCP can be a powerful guiding document, providing a framework for decision making, identifying principals for land and resource management, creating economic opportunities, and strengthening governance. 






The goal of the CDP is to perform an assessment and technical evaluation of Klahoose’s infrastructure needs over a 40-year period. The CDP is intended to provide a guiding document by bringing together Member’s priorities, cost estimates, technical reviews, and assessments. The Klahoose First Nation CDP process and community engagements revealed the need for several public infrastructure projects and an urgent need for expanded housing stock. Community engagement exercises clearly demonstrated the demand for more modern, energy efficient, and diverse housing options. As a direct result of engaging in the Community Development Planning process and hearing the needs of community immediate work on a housing development plan, and a dock facility upgrade, have already begun. 


Read the CDP summary booklet. 





The goal of the Community Energy Plan (CEP) is to asses Klahoose energy needs and existing systems in order to provide detailed guides to renewable energy development scenarios. The CEP is a tool to empower future decision makers in continuing the Nations work in sustainable energy leadership. The process of collecting baseline energy consumption information for residential and community buildings highlighted some inefficiencies and areas for improvement. Addressing these inefficiencies has the potential to reduce the Nations carbon footprint, and energy consumption costs. The CEP helped to identify a need for energy evaluations and potential retrofits to homes, to improve energy efficiency and comfort. Additionally, the CEP assessed the off-grid systems in Toba Inlet, Klahoose IR 1, and the Klahoose Wilderness Lodge, in Humphry Channel, to provide technical assessments of potential energy opportunities and long-term upgrades that could allow both locations to have sustainable off grid power generation that does not rely on diesel generators. As a direct result of the Community Energy Plan planning has begun on a solar retrofit of the Multipurpose building.


Read the draft energy plan






The Economic Development Plan, much like other strategic plans, provides the opportunity to connect community with the economic development decision making process by establishing members goals and priorities, and a shared vision for the future. An Economic Development Plan can bring elected leadership, administration, and nation owned businesses onto the same page and hold decision makers accountable to community held goals and values. A strategic economic plan can be key in opening the door to funding opportunities and creating sustainable employment opportunities that benefit members. The Economic Development planning work was initiated in 2020 and a draft plan document is currently in progress. 


The economic development plan is currently being developed





The Land Use Plan is a long term planning exercise identifying preferred land use patterns and include policies to guide different land uses and developments. This will be a guiding report for industry, future and present leadership, and other key land users operating within Klahoose Territory. The Territory Wide Land Use plan can be an important supporting document for other planning and land management initiatives. Additionally, a Land Use Plan can be an informative way of capturing and preserving crucial traditional knowledge about the Territory, providing background information for any number of important future projects and research. The Land Use Plan is not a static document, but a dynamic process designed to be constantly evaluated and adaptive to changing conditions.


The Territory Wide Land Use Plan is currently being developed.

Download CDP Booklet
Community Energy Plan
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