The 2021 Chief and Council election date is July 17, 2021. 

Voting is located in the Klahoose Multipurpose building 09:00am - 08:00pm 

Klahoose First Nation has been successful in developing the Klahoose First Nation Custom Election Code. In 2019 from October to December, there were 8 in-person engagements from Cortes Island to Auburn, WA. Over 90 members participated in the engagements and helped create what is now the election law. 

On November 10, 2020 Klahoose held a referendum on adopting the Klahoose First Nation Custom Election Code and it passed with 90% approval from participating electors. After delays from Indigenous Services Canada to approve the code, the Ministerial Order was given April 07, 2021 to remove Klahoose First Nation from the elections section of the Indian Act and return power to the Nation to manage its own elections. 

This will be the first election held under the Klahoose First Nation Custom Election Code, please take time to review the code and familiarize yourself with the changes if you were unable to make the engagements before the referendum. If you have questions regarding the code please contact the project manager, Steven Brown stevenbrown@klahoose.org


The Klahoose First Nation Custom Election Code has changed the requirements for becoming a nominee for either Chief or Councillor. This can be found in "PART 7: CANDIDACY" on page 15 & 16 of the Custom Code


Please note Section 65. (g)

"not be in arrears for any debt to Klahoose or a Klahoose business entity, unless:

     (i) they have a debt repayment agreement that is entered into at least six (6) months before election day, and

     (ii) they are in good standing in relation to their debt repayment agreement..."

It is the responsibility of potential nominees to contact the Klahoose Finance Department to find out if they have arrears, 1-250-935-6536 or mmckellar@klahoose.org. Due to the time restriction, Chief and Council have made a one-time-only exception to the 6 month requirement.


ALL POTENTIAL NOMINEES MUST ENTER A DEBT REPAYMENT AGREEMENT BY APRIL 29, 2021 IF THEY HAVE ARREARS. If an individual is nominated, has arrears and has not entered a debt repayment plan, they will not be eligible to run for Chief or Council.


No exceptions. 

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