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First Nation
Land Code

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A Brief History of Land Code


How did land code start?

Land Code started in the mid 1990’s when 14 First Nations officially signed on to the Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management. The Framework Agreement is an initiative by the original signatory First Nations to opt out of the land management sections of the Indian Act and take over the management and control of their reserve lands and resources. The Framework Agreement sets out the principal components of this new land management process.

Who is the Lands Advisory Board?

Under the Framework Agreement, the First Nations have established a Lands Advisory Board and a Resource Centre to assist them in implementing their own land management regimes. The Resource Centre is the technical body intended to support First Nations in the developmental and operational phases implementing the Framework Agreement.


The Resource Centre assists Klahoose in all facets during the developmental process, and if Land Code passes they will continue to help ensure Klahoose’s success during the operational phase.



How does a Land Code become official?

 A Land Code becomes official once the Draft Land Code and the Individual Agreement have been voted on by the eligible voters (18+ years old) in the community.

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Framework Agreement Summary
First Nation Land Management Act Summary
First Nations Land Management Act

About Klahoose Land Code

The Land Code will be drafted by Klahoose First Nation (with assistance from the Land Advisory Board Resource Centre)

and will make provisions for the following matters:

  • Identifying the reserve lands to be managed by Klahoose

  • The general rules and procedures for the use and occupation of these lands by Klahoose members and others

  • Financial accountability for revenues from the lands (except oil and gas revenues, which continue under federal law)

  • The making and publishing of Klahoose land laws

  • A community process to develop rules and procedures applicable to land on the breakdown of a marriage

  • A dispute resolution process

  • Procedures by which the Klahoose can grant interests in land or acquire lands for community purposes

  • The delegation of land management responsibilities, and – The procedure for amending the Land Code

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Learning Land Code Handouts

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Bonnie Hill – FN Land Management Resource Centre Technician​


Steven Brown – Interim Chief


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