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Culture & Heritage

The Klahoose First Nation has a rich culture and heritage,

full of traditions which its people are proud to

continue to observe and honor. 

Our Songs

Welcome song

The canoe is deeply rooted in the Klahoose way of life and cultural identity as both a sophisticated form of travel on the water and a unique art form.​

Klahoose participates in the

'Tribal Canoe Journeys' each year to celebrate and revitalize canoe culture. Tribal Journeys have been bringing coastal peoples together to paddle ancestral travel routes for over 30 years.

Klahoose also holds the 'Awaken the Canoes' event each year, in preparation for the annual

Tribal Journeys.

Awaken the Canoes


Language revitaliization is an important priority to the Klahoose First Nation. Teaching and speaking Ayajuthem to younger generations is a crucial part of maintaining the culture which is why the Klahoose are developing a

Language Revitalization Strategy.

Come Learn Our Language
qʷaga tɛwšim ʔəms qʷaytɩn 

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