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Klahoose First Nation (KFN) supports the lifelong learning of our Members and assists all those pursuing education. The Klahoose First Nation Education Department strives to remove barriers and create equal access to quality education for all members, opening doors to meaningful employment opportunities. The Education Coordinator provides administrative support and manages financial assistance to support students engaging in various educational programs.

Post Secondary Support Program

One of the most significant KFN Education Department mandates is the Post-Secondary Student Support Program. Through this program the Education Coordinator manages applications, provides administrative support, and organizes funding for students entering or returning to a post-secondary degree, certificate program, or a University College Entrance Preparation Program (UCEPP) at a recognized institution. 

Post-Secondary sponsorship is constrained by available funds and limitations are set to ensure fair and equitable distribution of resources to all prospective Klahoose First Nation students. Total annual sponsorship is limited to $53 000 per applicant. Each eligible post-secondary program has differing sponsorship limitations based on expectations of reasonable program completion.

The post-secondary support program is formed by federal and KFN policy and guided by Klahoose practices and values. For more information on the program explore the Klahoose First Nation Post-Secondary Student Support Policy. For any additional questions or assistance with applications contact the Education Coordinator.

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Returning Students Application Package:


  • Transcripts from previous semester

  • Final program progress report from the last semester of studies 

  • Records release form

Post Secondary Application Package:


  • Application

  • Letter of acceptance from the academic institution

  • Copy of official transcripts from the most recent secondary school or post-secondary school attended (when available)

  • UCEPP applications require a letter stating that the applicant will be eligible for acceptance into a regular college or university credit program upon successful program completion.

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        Vocational Training               Support Program

The Vocational Training Support Program is a newly developing program to provide limited funding support to Klahoose Members participating in Provincially or Federally accredited vocational training. Support is contingent on funding availability and may provide eligible applicants up to $5500 annually.

Eligible Klahoose Members, currently accepted to a vocational training program can contact the Education Department to learn more. 

Young Family

   Student Summer Work 
     Experience Program

Each summer up to seven short term work experience opportunities with Klahoose First Nation are available for secondary or post-secondary students between the ages of 15 and 30. Applicants to the summer employment opportunities must be legally entitled to work in Canada and be registered as full-time students during the preceding academic year with the intention of returning to school on a full-time basis in the next academic year. Job postings will be available on the Klahoose First Nation website each Spring. Applicants will be required to submit a resume and cover letter to the primary contact for the employment opportunity of their choice.

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Primary & Secondary 
Education Support

The Education Coordinator works with Cortes Island Elementary/ Junior Secondary School to provide classroom support to Klahoose students three days a week, and aids families in transitioning students off Cortes Island for Secondary education. Additionally, the Education Coordinator provides support to students and families with navigating learning support and tutoring.

To learn more about any of these support programs for primary and secondary school children contact the Education Coordinator.

Educational Support Programs

Have Questions? 

Please Contact :  Julie Hanuse

Education Coordinator

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